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Срочно в номер

Вот что сообщает нам Майк Парк с Азиан Мэн Рекордс:

THE QUEERS new album "BACK TO THE BASEMENT" is complete and on track for a NOV. 16th release. The songs remind me of a trek back to LOVE SONGS FOR THE RETARDED era QUEERS. Short and snotty punk songs. I really like it, but I really like their slower pop gems too, so I guess anything they delivered would have been good for me.

Жаль только ждать 3 месяца. Турить кстати будут с The Riptides, Kepi Ghoulie и The Apers.

Мистер Кинг добавляет лично:

We're mixing the new album-Back To The Basement-this weekend. We recorded it last week with help from Teenage Rehab. It's mostly punk stuff-one pop tune that's it. Dave and I are fucking psyched-best album we've done in a few years. We're really excited to let people listen to it and we fully expect it to be an instant classic. I'm going to attempt to put up one song on here (печь прог майспейс). It's not the final mix but hey you can get an idea of what the album sounds like.

We'll do the tour for the new album in November for a month and then do another month long tour up to Canada in January/February. The Apers are coming over for the January part and The Riptides are doing the November one. It's gonna be a blast playing the new songs.
That's about it. I'm working on my book about the Marky Ramone tour Dave and I did a few summers ago. Haven't had time till now to do it so I'm going to get it finished finally. It was a pretty funny tour truth be told. Not so funny in the middle of it but now with the distance of 3 years it seems hilarious. I'll fill everyone in on that later.

Дико ждем песню на майспейсе, ну и забавно было б конечно заиметь книженцию, хотя без мега перевода и трети его идиотских шуток не понять)

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